Helpfull Hints

Helpful hints on the day of fitting

Bedroom Carpet
If we are fitting a carpet in your bedroom, please dont worry if a bed has to be left in the room, our fitters can up end the bed in order to fit the carpet. All we ask is that the mattress etc, is taken off.

Living Room Carpet
If we are fitting a carpet in your living room and it is too difficult for you to move the settee, once again this problem can be dealt with, our fitters can move the settee around in order to fit your carpet.

Please note that kitchen appliances cannot be moved to any great extent. Cookers cannot be moved unless its by a registered gas engineer. Washing machines/dishwashers etc, cannot be unplumbed.
As a general rule vinyl is fitted by placing it just under the appliance, please note that if you have chosen flooring with a straight line such as a wood/tile effect, you may find that if the your walls, cupboards are out of line the flooring may appear to run out of line, please take this into consideration when making your choice.

Please take note that if we lay vinyl flooring on top of existing vinyl, plastic tiles etc, your new flooring may experience a sweating process and this could lead to a discoulouration of the new flooring.

Due to the fact that theses areas are normally empty they are generally trouble free.
Please note that once you have taken up the old flooring, you may find that the original grippers are still there. Please leave them in place and we will happily replace any that are damaged.

This is normally a trouble free area. All we need is clear access to the window that is being fitted, so can you please remove any ornaments etc and any nets.


Please note that we need to be informed of any wiring that you believe might interfere with the fitting of your flooring.
This includes electrical, telephone, alarm wiring etc.
Please note that if wiring has been placed under carpets etc it may have been damaged normally due to wear and tear over the years and because of this fact it leaves the wiring very vulnerable to further damage if touched or moved etc. Although every care is taken during fitting we cannot be held responsible for any damage to wiring.

If you think any of the above will give our fitters any problems please contact our office before the fitters arrive in order that they are fully aware of the situation.